The Rules

By making any booking you are agreeing to these rules

1). Be polite and respectful to the secretaries and the staff of
2). The secretaries must be paid their profile stated fees in the manner they state on arrival, before services can start.
3). No physical contact or sexual behavior is permitted between the clients and the secretaries.
4). No intoxicants can be taken before or during the booked session or offered to the secretaries.
5). The booking venue is for one client only at one time.
6). The booking venue must be clean and safe for the secretaries to arrive and work in.
7). No attempt to arrange a booking outside of this website is permitted.

Any breach of these rules or a suspected attempt at such, will result in the immediate termination of the session by secretary.
Moreover, reserves the right to ban anyone from use of the site as well as involving the authorities when deemed appropriate.